Storm and floods in Slovenia: Ask for help / Um Hilfe bitten

The situation after the storm and floods in Slovenia is calming down. The devastation left by the water remains. / Die Situation nach dem Sturm und den Überschwemmungen in Slowenien beruhigt sich. Die Verwüstung, die das Wasser hinterlassen hat, bleibt bestehen.

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The situation after the storm and floods in Slovenia is calming down. The devastation left by the water remains. The parish caritas informs us about the incredible dimensions of the floods and damage, as well as about the extraordinary solidarity.

During these days, more than 500 Karitas volunteers helped in the distribution of water, food, clothes, accommodation for the residents and in the cleaning of apartments in the vicinity of the affected areas. In doing so, we helped 5,380 people. Despite their own homes flooded homes, some Caritas volunteers went to help their fellow citizens. One of the volunteers wrote: “The gratitude of the people is immeasurable.”

Assistance to the affected household will continue in the following days and weeks, mainly by providing basic living conditions. At the same time, we are grateful for the great support of donors, who donated 407,183 EUR. The funds are the interventions of the diocesan Caritas in the affected areas.

I want to express my condolences and solidarity with everyone in this difficult moment of suffering in your country. You are in my prayers. I wish you all the best,” said Caritas Europa President Michael Landau.

Caritas Internationalis and all members of the Caritas Europa network, especially from neighboring countries, expressed a lot of solidarity, support and sympathy with all those affected by the floods in Slovenia. Caritas Croatia provided 25 machines for drying rooms  and cleaning tools, while Caritas of Austria provided 16 such machines. Similar help, including generators and water pumps, was offered by Caritas Germany and Caritas Italy, where they themselves had recent floods. Caritas Poland will also send us a shipment of drying machines and other humanitarian aid, especially food and hygiene items as well as technical equipment. Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and CRS, the American Caritas, also offered help. Particularly touching are the messages of sympathy that come from distant Caritas, which are otherwise helped by Slovenian Caritas, such as Caritas from South Sudan, Rwanda and Kenya.

A volunteer who helped in Carinthia describes: “I can’t tell you. I’ve already shed all my tears. Late yesterday afternoon, the family was evacuated by helicopter. In the morning, their house was already floating down the Meža river. Today the youngCaritas volunteers came. They are like pure gold. We need working hands so much.

The young volunteers from youngCaritas add: “All the pain of the affected touches you when they look into your eyes with tears and pain and at the same time with gratitude that we are with them. Please, let’s help them together!” Today, more than 150 YoungCartias young volunteers helped with cleaning in the area of ​​Stahovice, Most pri Komenda, Prevalje, Vrbje and Ločica ob Savinji. So far, more than 250 youngCaritas young volunteers have participated in the cleaning.

In addition to volunteers and donors, who indicated financial support to bank account, some companies also expressed sympathy and help. We are starting with the campaign to collect material aid in cooperation with the companies Mercator and Hofer. We collect packaged food that does not need refrigeration, hygiene items, cleaning products, brushes and cloths for bedding, cleaning, towels, paper towels, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, brooms and shovels in their stores and in the Caritas centers. We do not collect clothes because we currently have enough in the regional warehouses.

You can send your contribution to:

Caritas Slovenia
Kristanova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana
TRR: SI56 0214 0001 5556 761, NLB
Purpose code: CHAR
Reference: SI00 624

Any donation from you will be welcome. Let’s be close to each other. Let’s support all those affected by floods and landslides.

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Peter Tomažič
Secretary General of Slovenian Caritas

For additional information, you can contact [email protected]

Sturm und Überschwemmungen: Bewerbung auf Deutsch

Die Situation nach dem Sturm und den Überschwemmungen in Slowenien beruhigt sich. Die Verwüstung, die das Wasser hinterlassen hat, bleibt bestehen. Die Caritas der Pfarrei informiert uns über die unglaublichen Ausmaße der Überschwemmungen und Schäden sowie über die außerordentliche Solidarität.

Während dieser Tage halfen mehr als 500 Karitas-Freiwillige bei der Verteilung von Wasser, Nahrung, Kleidung, Unterkunft für die Bewohner und bei der Reinigung von Wohnungen in der Nähe der betroffenen Gebiete. Dabei haben wir 5. 380 Menschen geholfen. Obwohl ihre eigenen Häuser überflutet wurden, gingen einige Freiwillige der Caritas, um ihren Mitbürgern zu helfen. Einer der Freiwilligen schrieb: “Die Dankbarkeit der Menschen ist unermesslich.” Die Betreuung des betroffenen Haushalts wird in den folgenden Tagen und Wochen fortgesetzt, vor allem durch die Bereitstellung grundlegender Lebensbedingungen.

„Ich möchte allen mein Beileid und meine Solidarität in diesem schwierigen Moment des Leidens in eurem Land zum Ausdruck bringen. Ihr seid in meinen Gebeten. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute”, sagte Caritas Europa-Präsident Michael Landau.

Ein Freiwilliger, der in Kärnten mitgeholfen hat, beschreibt: “Das kann ich dir nicht sagen. Ich habe schon alle meine Tränen vergessen. Gestern Nachmittag wurde die Familie mit Hubschrauber evakuiert. Am Morgen schwebte ihr Haus bereits die Meža hinunter. Heute kamen die jungen Caritas-Freiwilligen. Sie sind wie reines Gold. Wir brauchen so viel arbeitende Hände.

Sie können hier spenden:

Caritas Slowenien
Kristanova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0214 0001 5556 761
Bank adress: NLB d.d., Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana
Verwendungszweckcode: CHAR
Referenznummer: SI00 624

Jede Spende von Ihnen ist willkommen. Lass uns nah beieinander sein. Unterstützen wir alle, die von Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen betroffen sind.

Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie die Website oder die Unterseite

Peter Tomažič
Generalsekretär der slowenischen Caritas

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